Demi-Glace sauce - заказать в Астане с доставкой!
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The hotel and restaurant complex "Traditional"

The hotel and restaurant complex "Traditional" is a unique institution that combines hotel accommodation and restaurant service. We provide guests with comfortable rooms to stay in and a restaurant with a wide selection of culinary dishes. The complex is famous for its traditional cuisine and hospitality, which makes it an attractive place for tourists and travelers in Astana.


Our contacts:

Delivery: +7 702 000 2181
Hotel: +7 (7172) 40 20 20
Restaurant: +7 (7172) 40 21 81
How to place an order?

Ordering for food delivery to home or work, office or any other place is carried out as simply as possible:
  • add the dishes to the cart and click checkout;
  • specify your full name, phone number, and delivery address;
  • after that, our manager will call you back within 2 minutes to confirm the order.
  • free shipping from 8 000 ₸
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